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Breeze Introduction

Breeze ChMS (Church Management System) is the primary app we use to communicate with folks, take attendance, give, track contributions, calendar, etc. It’s a power app with tons of functionality. As with anything that’s robust it can take awhile to learn how to use it.

Oak Grove's Breeze Identification

Go to https://ogc.breezechms.com/ from any device anytime to access Breeze. Our Breeze ID is: ogc

Set-Up Breeze/Sign In

  • Download the app here or from your app store.
  • Create your account if you haven’t yet.
  • Now you’re ready to sign in. (The first time you sign in you’ll need to enter our ID, which is “ogc” (no quotes).
  • Some activities require different account permissions. Contact the church office if your account settings need to be adjusted.
  • Forgot your password? Reset it here.
Updated on November 30, 2018

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