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Recording Video Testimonies

Recording Video Testimonies

Before recording

  • Prep room so it’s room temp and lights are on for 5-10 min before recording begins.
  • Ensure storage cards are in place.
  • Camera battery may be in charger on counter.
  • Attach mic so it’s as invisible as possible (especially the cord). Have them tuck it under their shirt. Mic should be 5-7” from their mouth if possible.
  • Tell subject that when they finish speaking (every time) they need to look at the camera and smile naturally for 2 seconds after they finish.
  • Check audio level visually and with headphones.
  • Have subject line up with toes up to black tape. Depending on their height, make sure the overhead lights aren’t shining to brightly on their forehead.
  • Encourage them to minimize rocking forward and backward (and side-to-side for that matter) b/c it will make them go in and out of focus with the camera and because it’s distracting.
  • Ensure camera is zoomed in enough so that teleprompter and reflector are not in view.

Be sure to record

  • Before beginning, turn on the camera, get them situated, and help them forget the camera’s recording. Say some funny things to get them to laugh! (This is “B Roll” footage we use for the intro and outro of the video.) But don’t tell them this or it can seem forced.
  • Two good takes with the teleprompter looking at the camera. If they’re comfortable try one without the teleprompter as well. If necessary, you can help them and do it paragraph by paragraph.
  • Two good takes with them looking at you/teleprompter two-to-three feet to the left or right of the camera. Hold the teleprompter in front of your face so they’re looking at eye-level. If you can get them to do it without the teleprompter, this is preferred as it usually comes out more naturally.
  • Have them looking at the camera saying, “My name is __name__ and I’m a follower of Jesus!” and have them look at the camera and smile naturally for 2 seconds after they say it.

When finished

  • Put camera battery on charger.
  • Plug in wireless mic transmitter and receiver.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Turn off and plug in iPad.
  • Close camera lens hood.
  • Lock video room door.
  • Place storage cards on Cherilyn’s desk.
Updated on February 19, 2020

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