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Lawn Care Guide/Mowing

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Breeze Mowing Team Tag (must then log into Breeze)


  • Safety is number one priority! Please use extreme care. Grounds are not flat or free from obstacles. If you are not familiar with using a riding lawn mower team up with someone who does and learn on the south field before operating on inclines or along road. 
  • Eye and ear protection are available and required. 


  • Preferably mow on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (weather permitting) 
  • Do not mow early morning or late evening when there is dew on the grass 
  • For safety, mow up and down inclines rather than across, use push mower as appropriate 
  • Use push mower and/or trimmer around retaining walls, culvert, and other hazards 
  • Do not blow towards building or cars 
  • Rake if there is excess trimmings piled/lumped up 
  • Blow trimmings off of sidewalks and entry ways 
  • Four sections
    • North of old church 
    • North of parking lot and along pond 
    • Islands east of youth center and east of flower garden/patio 
    • South field 

Trimming / Blowing

  • Around trees, retaining walls, side walks, and any terrain that can’t be easily/safety mowed with rider or push mower 
  • Use only mixed gas at a 50:1 ratio. Gas should be available for you. If gas is getting low, please contact Grounds Lead and/or Church office. 

Spraying (once a month?)

  • Using buggy with rider on lot for weed control 
  • Using buggy wand around building for weeds/trees that grow in rock areas, cement areas, etc 

Operating Riding Lawn Mower

  • Seated and with foot on break, move throttle to ¾ position and hold full choke. When running manage choke until warm and running without choke. 
  • Rider has hydraulic mower deck lift and should be lifted when driving in shed and lowered when mowing 
  • To engage the mower blades, you may need to be moving forward (it seems odd but that is what I have found) 
  • Should not manually adjust mower deck mowing height unless coordinated with the Grounds lead. 
  • Mower will stop running when not in seated position 
  • Mower should be run at full throttle when mowing
  • Mower does not have a ejection flap so please be very careful mowing around others, cars, buildings, etc. 


  • Key for shed is stored 
  • Automated reminders will be sent out each week. 
  • Use Premium fuel no Ethanal in all equipment. Mower is straight gas, blower/trimmer is mixed 50:1 

Grounds Lead

(Doesn’t have to participate in mowing)

  • Schedule management. 
  • Maintain a guide for mowing routine and biblical principles for how we go about it. 
  • Ensure fuel is at church each week so the individual mowing doesn’t need to worry about that. 
  • Flags for danger spots. 
  • Ensure weeks are sprayed on monthly basis. Buy and mix round up solution 
  • Ensure birds are not nesting on building 
  • Spray weeks in drive, around building, etc 
  • All gas, chemicals, trimmer line, etc expenses are reimbursable. Turn into office. 
Updated on May 9, 2020

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