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Managing Planning Center Online Songs

Resources and Processes

Accounts/Resources Used

  • Planning Center Services (service planning / music repository / contacts / scheduling)
    • Use your login credentials
    • More questions? See the PCO support site here.
  • PraiseCharts (download/import charts (connected to Planning Center)
    • Username: matt@oakgrove.cc
    • Password: OakGrove6!01
  • SongSelect (download/import charts (connected to Planning Center)
    • Use your login credentials
  • Spotify
    • Username: matt@oakgrove.cc
    • Password: OakGrove6!01

Add a New Song to Planning Center

  1. Identify the version/arrangement of the song you want
  2. Get URL to help worship team learn it
  3. Find proper chord chart (closest to version you’ll do) on either SongSelect or PraiseCharts (SongSelect charts are more generic, which PraiseCharts are typically matched to the artist and album of the chart)
  4. Determine the right congregational key
  5. Go to services.planningcenteronline.com, login and click Songs at the top
  6. Click Add a Song and enter the title or CCLI # if you know it
  7. As songs populate, click the right song
  8. Enter Arrangement Information (it’s can be helpful to add a band name or something helpful for the arrangement, especially because it is possible for one song to have multiple arrangements)
    1. If you want to import lyrics and chord chart from SongSelect, tick one or both boxes
    2. If you want to import lyrics and chord chart from PraiseCharts (or somewhere else), leave one or both un-ticked
  9. Click Accept
  10. If you need to add lyrics or a chord chart from another source, click the + sign to the right of Files, and the rest should be pretty self-explanatory (if it’s from PraiseCharts, go buy the song there (using prepaid credits) and then import it using this Planning Center interface (you don’t have to download it and then upload it unless you want to separate the PDF first)
  11. Add the Spotify song file and YouTube/Vimeo links (these are free ways to share the song)

Formatting a Song in Planning Center

  1. Lyrics
    1. Within the arrangement, click Lyrics & Chord
    2. Make sure the lyrics match the arrangement or the chord chart the musicians have and that it’s what we want to use
    3. Check song section titles for consistency b/t charts and lyrics
    4. Replace oddities that are unhelpful (Example: Change “Misc 1 (Bridge)” to “Bridge”)
  2. Create the Sequence for the arrangement by clicking Create next to Sequence
    1. Just click on the label and drag them to create the proper song roadmap or sequence
    2. Pay particular attention that the section labels match the chart and lyric section labels. Create a label at the bottom of the list if needed.
    3. Click Save
  3. Add supporting keys for other instruments (i.e. flute, guitar, etc.)
    1. Example: A guitarist will often play a song in the key of Bb in G and capo it on the 3rd fret.
  4. Assign attachment types so that the right people see the right files and aren’t overwhelmed with extra stuff
    1. Hover over the file link (at the very least, do this for chord charts, and specialty keys (i.e. flute which is in another key than the concert key)
    2. Click the pencil icon
    3. Under Attachment Types, tick the appropriate box(es)

Build Spotify Playlists

  1. Login to Spotify
  2. Add song to the Oak Grove – Songs We Sing playlist (this is both for the worship team, and in the future can be used on our website to help our church family be able to listen to songs we sing throughout the week…we may even blog about our worship services in the future…but more on that later)
  3. Add songs that are new for the worship team to the Oak Grove – New Music playlist
  4. Links to share both playlists
    1. Oak Grove – Songs We Sing
    2. Oak Grove – New Music

Wrap it Up

  • Let Todd Wiley know that the song has been added and ask him to double-check it.
  • Let Pastor Matt know if something in this guide needs to be updated
Updated on January 10, 2019

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