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Video Recording Checklist

Check off each one of these items when setting up for video recording.


  • Turn on Florescent lights on the backdrop to allow ample time to warm up (5 min at the least)
  • Adjust placement of subject lights for where the subject will be standing.
  • Adjust brightness of lights so that subject is evenly lit without major contrast on the face.


Camera & Mic

  • Ensure memory card is in camera and formatted so there is plenty of space for your current video.
  • Screw tripod mount screw into bottom of camera.
  • Focus camera. (Switch to auto focus, point lens at what you want to be in focus, and half-way depress shutter button, then switch back to manual focus. View video tutorial here.)
  • Make sure exposure is right (face not blown out & not too dark)
  • Turn microphone on and make sure it’s connected to camera.


  • If subject is looking at the camera, position subject right, left or center in frame. Change it up.
  • For interview style, position subject on the side of screen opposite the interviewer.


Updated on November 29, 2018

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